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AI-HomeGuard LLC is a small software company based in Redmond, Washington. It promotes neighborhood safety by offering affordable surveillance software built with the cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. 

The security software system, AI-HomeGuard, sends instance alert  via email, SMS, or audio as soon as it detects an object of interest (people, cars, etc.), through outdoor security cameras, entering or leaving your property, and begins video recording when the alarm is triggered.

Be able to define filters, time schedule and actions to control the delivery of notifications. For instance, you can specify: turn off “email” notification and “audio alert” if the detected object is either a “cat” or a “dog”, and is moving toward the “front” camera with the “daytime” schedule which is defined as a 7-weekday by 24-hour matrix. 

It can instantly turns on/off smart plugs when  predefined conditions are met, including the originating camera, the object’s moving direction and whether the event occurs at a scheduled time. The smart plugs can be used to power sirens, lights or any devices that might wade off break-in attempt.

You can purchase the software (Windows version) from this website or from Amazon (search by keyword AiHomeGuard) for either Windows or Linux versions.

You can try out the free downloadable AiHomeGuardPro (Windows 10 or Linux Ubutun 18.04) at which can enable one camera only vs. 8 ~ 20 cameras (on a single PC) for the paid version.  However, there is no technical support for the free download – most of our customers solved their installation issues using the online documents on this website.

Features and Technical Information

Eliminate False Alarm. The advanced Artificial Intelligence can accurately identify people and cars in daytime, nighttime, rain, or snow without false alarm which are common in all outdoor security cameras with motion detection function. 

Save Time. No need to dig through hours of home security footage. Simply find the thumbnail of the object you wish to review and play the associated video clip.

Access Images and Videos Remotely. The built-in web server allows you to access the contents from an iPhone, Android phone, PCs, or MacBook by clicking the URL in the email alert. The email alerts also contains a URL with your ISP public IP address so that you can access the contents outside your home network if you have set up your ISP router (modem) with IP port forwarding.

One-time Setup Cost.  No cloud service is needed, no subscription fee, and avoid privacy information leak.

Easy Setup.  Auto discover ONVIF compliant IP cameras and their streaming URL(s) .

Supported Platforms/OS(s): PC (Windows10), PC (Ubuntu-18.04 AMD64), Nvidia Jetson Nano (Ubuntu 18.04 ARM64) 

Hardware Options: 

  • PC (e.g. i3-2100) with a Nvidia GPU (e.g. GT 1030, $90) can support 12 1080p IP cameras. A higher end CPU/Nvidia GPU can support more than 20 IP cameras
  • PC (e.g. i5-6100), a 6th Gen Intel/AMD CPU with its integrated graphics(e.g. HD 530) can support 8 cameras without the need of a Nvidia GPU.
  • Nvidia Jetson Nano can support 5 1080p IP cameras. The cost: Jetson Nano single board ($99), 128 GB Micro SDXC card ($22), an iUniker Jetson Nano case (with a external power supply and a cooling fan $10).

Where to buy  You can purchase the downloadable  AiHomeGuardPro (PC Windows 10 )  or AiHomeGuard (PC Windows 10/Ubuntu 18.04 amd64, Jetson Nano Ubuntu 18.04 arm64) from this site or  from Amazon.


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